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Icelandic sheep are one of the oldest and purest sheep breeds in the world. They are known as a triple-purpose breed producing milk, wool, and meat. They are hardy with exceptional maternal instincts and prolificacy. They are a mid-sized breed, generally short legged and stocky with no wool on the face or legs. Icelandic sheep are particularly good at browse grazing and are raised without grain feed. Icelandic sheep carry unique color genetics that results in a wide variety of fleece colors. They are shorn twice a year, fall and spring, and thus provide ample amounts of high-quality dual-coated wool.


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Toggenburg goats are from Switzerland and are credited as the oldest known dairy goat breed in the world. Toggs, as they are nicknamed, were first brought to the United States in 1893. They are medium sized, sturdy, friendly, and alert. They are known as good foragers with high milk production. Togg’s base color ranges from light fawn to chocolate brown, but all Togg’s have the same markings.

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