Educational Farm Tours

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Engage students and explore history at Hanley Farm!

Guided farm tours at Hanley Farm focus on the history and changes of agriculture in the Rogue Valley, as well as the Hanley family’s story and progress over three generations. The property includes a house (now a museum) built in the 1850s, barns, gardens, and exhibits of farm equipment. Hanley Farm is a working farm with two acres of vegetable production and varied livestock.

Tour Overview

  • Learn the pioneer history and settlement of Hanley FarmP1020156
  • Explore the historic farm buildings and their original functions
  • Visit the historic gardens
  • Visit the barnyard to meet our livestock and learn how they are raised (goats, sheep, donkeys, chickens, peacock)
  • See and learn how we grow vegetables at Hanley today (permaculture, no-till, no-chemicals)
  • Compare our current farming methods to historic methods and modern conventional farming systems
  • Discover our new monarch waystation and learn about these beneficial natives and the habitat they require.

Group rates: $4 per student

*Hanley house museum tour: Additional $2 with at least 5 weeks prior notice (as we rely on museum docents).

Group size: 15-35

Tour duration: 1-2 hours

Groups can include, but are not limited to; Elementary, Middle, High schools, Homeschoolers, and Scout groups.

Groups are welcome to bring a picnic lunch.

Tours available September-December, Monday – Thursday 9 AM-11AM and Friday 9AM-3PM.

For more information, or to reserve a date send an email to




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