Hanley Staff

ElizabethNickNicholas Mahmood and Elizabeth Worcester. The young couple hailing from Arizona have been cultivating a relationship with agriculture for the past 8 years. Nick is an Alternative Education major who spent 10 years leading trips and training staff for Outward Bound. Then with a desire to understand how to feed himself, he took his love of the wilderness and applied it to our troubled food system. Moving onto a remote piece of land in the desert, he hand dug rain-catchment ponds and cultivated his first farm.  Eliza is a Natural History and Ecology major.  She has worked in a wide variety of jobs from tending bar to fighting fires, to finally discover her match in farming.  She tried her hand at jungle farming in Costa Rica clearing fields with machetes and planting pineapples, but ended up in the searing heat of Arizona growing equally hot peppers on a small organic farm. Both Nick and Eliza are happiest with their hands in the soil or holding baby goats. The two have navigated their way through many forms of land stewardship, and thus have gained a deep understanding and love of the soil. It is their mission to promote diversity and ecological awareness in agriculture. They have spent the last year at Hanley Farm establishing no-till growing beds and the foundation for a pasture management system focused on goat and sheep husbandry. Eliza and Nick also donate their time to facilitate a partnership with The Family Nurturing Center. The center brings families to the farm to learn how to grow food and prepare nutritious home cooked meals.

Emma Abby. As the Director of Educational Programs, Emma leads the farm-based education and events at Hanley Farm, including Educational Farm Tours, the Children’s Heritage Fair, Children’s Harvest Fair, Living History Days, and Pioneer Farm Camp. As a transplant from New England, Emma completed her undergraduate education in Massachusetts in 2008 in geography & environmental studies. As a Fulbright Fellow in Sweden from 2008-09, Emma studied environmental studies & sustainability science, focusing on alternative education. In 2010 Emma graduated with her master’s degree and returned stateside. After farm-hopping across the country with her husband for a few years, from Hawaii to North Carolina to Nevada, Emma landed in southern Oregon in 2012. She and her husband now operate their own family farm in Eagle Point, OR. Emma is passionate about sharing the stories of Hanley Farm’s agricultural legacy with our community and cultivating opportunities for children to learn about the responsibilities, challenges and rewards of farm life!

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Joelle Jorissen.  In the spring of 2015 Joelle joined Hanley Farm as the Assistant Director of Educational Programs, helping to run the many farm-based education programs offered. During her studies at Humboldt State University, Joelle became passionate about farming and education. After graduating with a Bachelors degree in Anthropology, she set out to farm for the next three years in California and Montana. Working on various different farms and becoming more aware of the disconnect with food, Joelle became excited to share the love of farming with subsequent generations.  In the Fall of 2014 Joelle relocated to the Rogue Valley to blend her love for farming with education.


Richard Rogers. Farm Manager








To see a list of all SOHS staff, please visit: SOHS Directory


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